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Shadows of Cape Girardeau County Yesteryears
Graphite Drawings and Narratives

$35 plus tax and shipping

The book is written,  illustrated, and self published by
Jeanie Eddleman

The book has 164 pages, 8 1/2 X 11 size, soft cover
95 buildings with narratives of each building

The book is in the Library of Congress

Reviews of
Shadows of Cape Girardeau County

"Jeanie Eddleman is a gifted artist! From the moment I picked her book up, I found myself reconnecting with some wonderful old memories that had sat on a back shelf in my mind for far too long.  With the flip of each page, there was a warm recollection of each of these community treasures and of moments lived in a time now past.  Each illustration in this book is skillfully drawn and brings to mind a story uniquely yours.  So, get comfortable in your favorite chair...a great experience lies ahead on the winding and scenic roads of Memory Lane.  Enjoy the journey!"

--Chuck Martin, Executive Director, Cape Girardeau Convention and Visitors Bureau

"Jeanie Eddleman has produced another 'work of art' with images of Shadows of Cape Girardeau County Yesteryears!  This is one more step in her dream realization of documenting the community of her life and love.  Jeanie has inspired innumerable students, friends, and associates.  Her never-ending energy inspires all of us, and in particular my own development as a digital photographer.  Jeanie's present work stunningly depicts Cape Girardeau County with awe-inspiring graphite drawings and narratives which will forevermore provide nourishment and encouragement and an archived history of one of the great communities in history."

--Joel West Ray, M.D., F.A.C.S., Photographer

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